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Images of the Canadian Expeditionary Force


Ardiff, James



#709275 James Henry Ardiff

enlisted 64th Battalion, Sussex, New Brunswick, 21 September 1915

died 26 February 1921




Back, Reginald

#874977 Reginald Back of Winnipeg

enlisted 184th Battalion, Winnipeg, 14 February 1916


Ballantine, David

#424100 David Edgar Ballantine of Glenora, Manitoba


Barrett, George

#249265 George William Barrett of Toronto, Ontario

enlisted 208th Battalion, Toronto, 5 April 1916


Chambers, Stanley

#69196 Stanley Robert Chambers of Saint John, New Brunswick

enlisted 26th Battalion, Saint John, 24 November 1914


Coates, Ernest

#742002 Ernest Chesley Coates of Saint John, New Brunswick

enlisted 115th Battalion, Saint John, 13 December 1915


Dufour, Thomas

#451827 Thomas Dufour of Hamilton, Ontario

enlisted 58th Battalion, Niagara, 30 June 1915

killed in action, 20th Battalion, 1 October 1916


Eley, Ernest

#1084273 Ernest Sidney Eley of Stratton, Ontario

enlisted 251st Battalion, Winnipeg, 6 December 1916


Featherstone, Frank

#246535 Frank F. Featherstone of Ottawa, Ontario

enlisted 207th Battalion, Ottawa, 23 June 1916


Freeman, Blanchard

#744854 Blanchard Alton Freeman of Lewis Head, Nova Scotia

enlisted 112th Battalion, Shelburne, 20 January 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-10

Futcher, Arthur

Arthur Charles Futcher of Victoria, British Columbia

enlisted Victoria, 9 November 1914

ID: CEF-P-S-I-11

Harding, Thomas

#769455 Thomas Henry Harding of Toronto, Ontario

enlisted 124th Battalion, Toronto, 1 January 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-12

Harris, Ernest

#2155 Ernest Arthur Harris

enlisted Divisional Cyclist Company, Valcartier, 26 September 1914

ID: CEF-P-S-I-13

Heading, Henry

#757545 Henry Chinery Heading of Smithville, Ontario

enlisted 120th Battalion, Hamilton, 12 January 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-14

Hughson, Robert

#663610 Robert George Clarence Hughson of Shelburne, Ontario

enlisted 164th Battalion, Shelburne, 27 March 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-15

Kenny, Harry

#760837 Harry Holt Kenny of Nanaimo, British Columbia

enlisted 121st Battalion, New Westminster, 14 January 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-16

Knill, Spencer

#11378 Spencer Knill of Paris, Ontario

enlisted 4th Battalion, Valcartier, 22 September 1914

ID: CEF-P-S-I-17

79th Battalion

#150480 Edmond Joseph Lafournie of Oak Lake, Manitoba

enlisted 79th Battalion, Brandon, 30 November 1915


#150357 Roland Donogh of Griswold, Manitoba

enlisted 79th Battalion, Brandon, 30 November 1915

killed in action, 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles, 12 April 1917

ID: CEF-P-S-I-18

Latronico, Joseph

#654882 Joseph Latronico of Wingham, Ontario

enlisted 161st Battalion, London, Ontario, 28 June 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-19

Lewis, Arthur

#100002 Arthur Lewis

enlisted 66th Battalion, Edmonton, 29 June 1915

ID: CEF-P-S-I-20

Lloyd, Digby

#925667 Digby Sheffield Lloyd of Stoughton, Saskatchewan

enlisted 152nd Battalion, Weyburn, 15 April 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-21

Masterton, Alexander

#892008 Alexander Walker Masterton of Winnipeg, Manitoba

enlisted 190th Battalion, Winnipeg, 22 February 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-22

McKernan, John

#401727 John McKernan of Detroit, Michigan

enlisted 70th Battalion, Windsor, 23 September 1915

18th Battalion

ID: CEF-P-S-I-23

McKinnon, David

#829370 Daniel Keith McKinnon of Winnipeg, Manitoba

enlisted 144th Battalion, Winnipeg, 11 December 1915

ID: CEF-P-S-I-24

Meints, Ernest

#907001 Ernest Gerhard Meints of Herschel, Saskatchewan

enlisted 195th Battalion, Regina, 10 February 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-25

Morrison, Ashton

#2266100 Ashton Arnold Morrison of Wroxeter, Ontario

enlisted Divisional Signals, Toronto, 12 October 1917

ID: CEF-P-S-I-26

Morrison, Ashton

#2266100 Ashton Arnold Morrison

ID: CEF-P-S-I-27

Parker, Burgess

#267754 Burgess Winter Parker of Huster, Saskatchewan

enlisted 214th Battalion, Davidson, Saskatchewan, 8 April 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-28

Parker, Ernest

#231511 Ernest Wallace Parker of South Cooking Lake, Alberta

enlisted 202nd Battalion, Edmonton, 8 April 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-29

Pineau, Prosper

#712004 Prosper Pineau

enlisted 105th Battalion, Charlottetown, 1 November 1915

ID: CEF-P-S-I-30

Pringle, James

James Pringle of Saint John, New Brunswick

enlisted 26th Battalion, Saint John, 19 February 1915

ID: CEF-P-S-I-31

Rein, Jack

#22091 Jack W. Rein

enlisted 11th Battalion, Valcartier, 28 September 1914

ID: CEF-P-S-I-32

Robarts, George

#475395 George Dickson Robarts of Montreal, Quebec

enlisted 4th Overseas Universities Company, Montreal, 8 October 1915

ID: CEF-P-S-I-33

Stickland, Sidney

#270053 Sidney Bilton Stickland of Paris, Ontario

enlisted 215th Battalion, Paris, 15 March 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-34

Stickland, Sidney

#270053 Sidney Bilton Stickland of Paris, Ontario

enlisted 215th Battalion, Paris, 15 March 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-35

Vanderburgh, Walter

#778153 Walter Alexander Vanderburgh of Richmond Hill, Ontario

enlisted 127th Battalion, Richmond Hill, 21 December 1915

ID: CEF-P-S-I-36

Veness, John

John Cecil Veness of Campbellton, New Brunswick

enlisted 132nd Battalion, Campbellton, 16 March 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-37

Weir, Adam

Adam Weir of Port Credit, Ontario

enlisted 160th Battalion, London, 4 August 1916

ID: CEF-P-S-I-38

Wilson, William

#814742 William W. Wilson of Warkworth, Ontario

enlisted 139th Battalion, Warkworth, 25 November 1915

missing in action, 87th Battalion, 15 August 1917

ID: CEF-P-S-I-39

Woolley, Bernard

#622076 Bernard Charles Woolley of St. James, Manitoba

enlisted 44th Battalion, Winnipeg, 17 December 1914

ID: CEF-P-S-I-40

Burke, Thomas

Thomas Burke ?, Halifax Nova Scotia

ID: CEF-P-S-I-41

Campbell, Jack

Jack Campbell ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-42

Culling ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-43

De Kaiser, William

William De Kaiser ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-44


Unidentified Soldier, Strathcona, Alberta

ID: CEF-P-S-I-45

Gibbons, Fred

Fred Gibbons ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-46

Greig, Isaac

Isaac Greig ?, Toronto, Ontario

ID: CEF-P-S-I-47

Harrison, Fred

Fred Harrison ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-48

Harsh, Ralph

Ralph Harsh ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-49

Johnson, Tena

Tena Johnson ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-50

Knight, Jack

Jack Knight ?

Reid Photo Company, Plymouth

ID: CEF-P-S-I-51


R. O'Leary ?

ID: CEF-P-S-I-52

Shea, Arthur

Arhur Shea ?, Alliston, Ontario

ID: CEF-P-S-I-53

Scott, George

Nursing Sister Murray

Convalescent Hospital, Duke of Devonshire's Estate

ID: CEF-P-S-I-54