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Images of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Mass Produced - Silk





Good Luck, Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-1






sent by #835987 Russell Longworth Germain of Portsmouth, Ontario, enlisted 5 Field Company Canadian Engineers, Kingston, Ontario, 28 November 1914

killed in action, 20th Battalion, 10 November 1918

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-2


A Happy Christmas

sent by #123108 Benjamin Woolley of London, Ontario, enlisted 70th Battalion, London, 4 September 1915

killed in action, 18th Battalion, 9 April 1917

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-3


A Happy Christmas - to Myrtle from Bill, France 1917

sent by #1087015 William Joseph Russell of Lindsay, Ontario, enlisted 252nd Battalion, Lindsay, 1 November 1916

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-4


To My Dear Brother - dated 23 March 1918

sent by #270053 Sidney Bilton Stickland of Paris, Ontario, enlisted 215th Battalion, Paris, 15 March 1916

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-5

From France

Wishes from France - dated 20 December 1915

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-6

Till We Meet Again

God Be With You Till We Meet Again - from Willie to George

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-7

To Mother

To My Dear Mother from Your Loving Son - dated 27 September 1918

sent by #528597 Frederick William Grove Powe of London, Ontario, enlisted Canadian Army Medical Corps, London, 7 February 1916

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-8


Remember - from Ellis to Mrs Lockhart, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 14 October 1916

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-9


Souvenir from France

sent by #3232351 John Cruickshank of Louisville, Kentucky, enlisted 2nd Depot Battalion, 1st Central Ontario Regiment, Toronto, Ontario, 25 February 1918

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-10

United for Liberty

United for Liberty

from Willie, No. 4 Convalescent Camp, Le Havre, France, to Mrs R. Stonehouse, Toronto, Ontario, 27 July 1916

ID: CEF-MP-Silk-11

Hurrah for Canada

Hurrah for Canada

ID: CEF-P-MP-Silk-12